Special Diet Plan for Athletes

Some of my friends take motorcycle riding into a different level by engaging in motocross riding and other motorcycle sports. And every time they are interested to participate in a race or tournament, they normally observe a special diet plan weeks before the event, to be ready physically. And from them, I was able to learn some of the special diet plans that are fit for athletes. If you are engaged in any type of sport or are planning to, you may want to check out this list.

Jenny Craig

This diet program entails having a pre-packed meal composed of vegetables, fruits, low fat dairy products and whole grains. The calorie goal for each packed meal will be based on the person’s age, height and weight. Athletes could use this diet program with added calories, although it is originally intended for quick weight loss. One of the disadvantages of this plan though is that there is a limited range of foods to choose from and the 24/7 support staff for this program is generally not trained as nutritionist.

LA Weight Loss

As a weight management plan which is based on controlling calorie intakes, one of the advantages of this program is that it does not involve counting calorie intake. Instead, your progress will be monitored by weekly weigh-ins. This program also encourages exercise. Another positive aspect of this program is that you will have a wide range of foods to choose from as long as the size of each portion is controlled. However, one of its disadvantages is that all supplements, meal replacements and snacks you will need for this program are only available at LA Weight Loss centers and could be expensive. Counselors under this program are also not nutritionists.

Mediterranean Diet

This diet program involves large intakes of plant-based foods, nuts and small portions of saturated fat and animal proteins. A glass of wine is also recommended for lunch and dinner. Regular exercise is also part of this plan. One of its major advantages over other diet programs is that it can help a person lower his or her risk of diabetes, heart disease or even certain types of cancer.

Weight Watchers

Under Weight Watchers program, there are two plans to choose from. One involves point tracking for every food consumed while the other one is point tracking for calorie intake. If you are under this program, there is normally a local support group for motivation and encouragement. Its website also offers a lot of resources such as recipes, progress charts, exercise information and other materials that will teach you how to make the right food choices and maintain healthy weight. No one will dictate you on what kind of food to take, but instead you will be encouraged to make healthy choices which should include low carb vegetables and low carb fruits, more information can be found here.

Aside from the programs listed here, there are several other programs that are also suitable for athletes. It is important to note that each of these programs has its individual list of advantages and disadvantages which you should consider. It will also help if you would visit the individual websites for these diet programs.


How Tattoos Can Impact Your Job Search

In the motorcycle club where I am a member of, tattoos are pretty much common among male and female riders alike. While chest tattoos for men are quite popular, side tattoos for girls will never be left out. But aside from side tattoos, I also notice some girls having a tattoo on other parts of their body like on the arms, ankle and shoulder.

Among our riders, nobody discriminates against tattoos. I teach new riders with or without tattooes on how to ride their motorcycle. However, I also know that tattoos can possibly impact your job search as there are people or companies that discriminate against body markings.

In 2010, a Pew Research Poll showed that there are 23 percent of Americans who have tattoos. Tattoos are considered body art and an expression of a person’s individuality. However, during the time of our grandparents, tattoos were associated with gang members and convicts. Additionally, in 2008, a Harris poll conducted on 2,000 adults showed that 32 percent of respondents without tattoos believe that people with tattoos are likely to be involved in something deviant. That is about one-third of the total number of respondents. No wonder why many companies ban body arts in their dress code.

Additionally, a more recent survey conducted by Careerbuilder.com showed that 31 percent of hiring managers admit that visible tattoos negatively impact their decision to hire an applicant. One reason for this is that most business owners are 50 years old or above and think that tattoos are for convicts and gangs. This is also true if you are applying for a position in a company with a conservative culture or if you are applying for a position that deals with people interaction since people expect you to look dignified like in the case of doctors, teachers and lawyers.

You may not believe it but it is true. Having a tattoo can impact your job search. You may think it is discriminatory, but it is not. And it really is strictly implemented in many work places. People may argue that their butterfly or flower tattoo will surely not offend anyone compared to a skull or dagger tattoo. But from the point of view of companies, being selective on an individual basis based on the tattoo design will just cause problems. Banning all tattoos is easier.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. Hiring managers in creative fields like in theatre, advertising, design and computer development are generally more sympathetic about applicants sporting tattoos. They may even have tattoos themselves as well. In fact, they may even prefer applicants with tasteful tattoos because it is an expression of their being artistic. Aside from the creative field, some jobs where tattoos may be acceptable are those that do not require much public interaction or interface.

If you are applying for a job and already have a tattoo, just be ready to show that you can be a great asset for the company despite your body art. And if you don’t have a tattoo but are planning to, reconsider your decision and its implication on your job search. But regardless if you have or don’t have a tattoo, you are welcome to our riding club.


Neutropenia Facts You Should Know About

When you are free to do something you always want to do, the sense of freedom can give you ultimate enjoyment. For instance, I could ride my motorcycle anytime I want and take it to anywhere I like. That for me spells the word enjoyment. If you have this same freedom as I have, you are very fortunate because you are not like those people with neutropenia.

I recently read somewhere about people who are deprived of some sort of freedom and among them are neutropenia patients. These are people who cannot eat just anything they want to eat, go to places they want to visit, spend time with anyone close to them, or do something they really enjoy doing; all because they have to observe neutropenic precautions.

Neutropenia is a condition where the patient has a low level of circulating neutrophils in the blood. Neutrophils are white blood cells produced by the bone marrow and are responsible for killing pathogens and bacteria by engulfing them. Without the right level of neutrophils in the blood, the patient will be at risk of infection from exposure to bacteria in their food, surroundings and even in their own bodies.

There are various factors that can cause neutropenia and they can be classified as either intrinsic or extrinsic factors. Intrinsic factors are mostly underlying health conditions such as reticular dysgenesis, congenital neutropenia, myelokathexis, cyclic neutropenia, Fanconi’s anemia, famililial benign neutropenia, dyskeratosis congenital and others. On the other hand, extrinsic factors include drug-induced neutropenia, nutritional deficiencies, immune neonatal neutropenia, neutropenia associated with metabolic problems or immune dysfunction, bone marrow infiltration, and chronic idiopathic neutropenia among others.

The threshold in defining how severe your neutropenia is depends on how much neutrophils are in your blood. In adults, it is anything from 1,700 per microliter of blood or fewer. The lower your neutrophil level is, the more vulnerable you are to infectious diseases. If your neutrophil is 500 per microliter or fewer, even bacteria that are normally present in your body can cause you to suffer infection.

Neutropenia can only be diagnosed through a blood test that involves counting your white blood cells. Normally, patients already experience certain symptoms that cause them to have their white blood cells counted. But further diagnosis and tests can help your doctor identify the root cause of your neutropenia.

Once diagnosed, various treatments can be administered to a neutropenic patient. This could include taking of antifungal or antibiotics to fight off infections. At the same time, your doctor may also advise you to follow certain precautions like avoiding certain foods especially uncooked ones. You may also not be allowed to be around people with infectious diseases and to go to places like hospitals and construction sites where the risk of contracting infection is high. Certain activities may also be prohibited unless special precautions are observed, such as gardening which exposes you to bacteria from dirt. Other common treatments are granulocyte transfusions, corticosteroid therapy and others.

We need to understand that other people are not as free as we are because of certain health reasons. And we must help them cope with those limitations. At the same time, we must appreciate the freedom that we have because we will never know when we cannot enjoy it anymore.


Motorcycles Safety Tips

One undeniable fact about motorcycle riding is that it is not as safe as riding a car. Motorcycles can run as fast as most cars but they lack some safety features. Cars have exterior frames that provide added protection to passengers in cases of collisions, but motorcycles don’t. Instead, the entire force of a collision is borne directly by the rider and the motorcycle. Motorcycles also don’t have seatbelts and airbags, thereby increasing the risk of fatality during motorcycle accidents. And finally, two wheels are less stable than four wheels.

Nonetheless, the disadvantages of a motorcycle riding over riding a car do not stop motorcycle enthusiasts from enjoying their bikes. Two-wheeled vehicles may have inherent risks but there are also guidelines that riders can and should apply to have a safer riding experience.