Sisterly Love

I was hanging with my fellow bike riders outside the mall and saw my friend Michelle. She was told me that she was desperately looking for me in our home. She asked my mom where and I am and now she’s here. Both of our parents are best of friends and we immediately bonded because they always come over our house until now. She is an only child that’s why she is so close to me as she often needs sisterly advice which I gladly give her often. She looks up to me as her big sister as who she can vent on, rant on or ask advices from. She asked me if she can talk to me alone as I can sense that she has a problem.

I obliged and we turned to the corner and asked her what the problem is. Before she said anything, I can tell that she’s currently experiencing pain because of her facial expression. I smiled and asked her if she has an infected tattoo on her back while lifting her shirt to see. I saw no tattoos but I saw a lot of pimples with some wounds and scabbing. I felt relieved that she doesn’t have any tattoos because her parents will kill her as she’s only 13 years old. She relayed that she was having pimple breakouts especially on her back. She told me that she tried pricking some of them and now it really hurts because she has skin tear. I told her that it’s normal to have pimples and she’s lucky because it was just on her back as I used to have breakouts on my face. She tried smiling but she told me that she wants to consult a dermatologist about it but was afraid and too shy to ask her parents to accompany her. I told her she’s lucky that I’m free today and just had my allowance from my mom.

pimples under the skin

The mall we were hanging out also has a skin care clinic inside so I asked her if the one inside the mall is okay with her. We went in for a consult and then the dermatologist asked her why she pricked them as they could be infected if not treated properly. She added that they can’t be pricked easily as they are pimples under the skin and only professionals should do that to avoid further complications. It was a good thing that the consult was free as we didn’t have enough money to pay if we also avail of the medicines. I bought Michelle a cleanser and an anti biotic cream to prevent her wounds to get infected and to accelerate its healing process. The dermatologist also reminded Michelle to never prick them as she’ll just injure herself further.

I told Michelle that next time she has a problem; she shouldn’t act on it alone. I am always here to give her guidance and sisterly advice. She felt so relieved when I said that while she smiled.

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