Moving On

I have a nephew named Chris who always visit and stay with my family the whole summer vacation. My mom told me not to go motor biking outside with my friends as I have to tend to him as well as entertain him because my mom is busy with gardening. I kidded my mom on why not let Chris garden with her. She wasn’t amused with what I said and thought of Chris being so muddy and ruining my mom’s roses as I smirked. I was told that he’s arriving tomorrow at 12 noon with his dad so I planned on taking a ride first at around 9am.

It was just 8am and I was taking out my bike to get ready a ride and saw a yellow taxi cab pulling over in front of our house, it was Chris and his dad, Uncle Ben. I greeted both of them and called my mom from outside. Uncle Ben asked who me if it was mine and I said yes. As Uncle Ben and Chris admired my sleek, sexy, black and red Harley outside, my mom asked me on where do I plan to go because they’re already here. I told her that I planned to go on a ride with my friends for an hour because she told me that they’re arriving at 12 noon. I explained it to her that it’s not my fault as they were early. She reluctantly let me go and told me to take care of myself.

I got back at around 10am and then I saw little Chris busy with his colouring books. I quietly sneak behind him and read the book titles My Little Pony coloring pages and Skylanders coloring pages out loud. He was surprised that I was already home. He told me that his dad already left. He invited me to join and color with him and I told him I’ll be back after a minute as I need to change clothes first. I went to the garden to let my mom know that I was home and then returned to the living room with my nephew to do stuff with him. I told him that he grew since he was last here and he told me that I didn’t. I find that so funny but he was so clueless when I was laughing. I also got him cookies and milk as his snack.

Meanwhile, I just found out what Uncle Ben told my mom before he left. He told her that it’s Chris’ last summer vacation as he just got a new job in India where he’s going to be the manager of the outsourcing operations in the country. He added that he got tripled pay and better hours as he can’t refuse the deal. The thing was his family have to move which is a sad thing.

Chris is such an adorable kid. I always look forward on the start of summer as I know that he’ll be visiting us. It is just sad to know that this is his last time to visit us since they’re moving to India. I’ll really miss the kid.

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