The Surprise

My nephew Chris’ vacation is almost over as summer is relatively gone. He is very lonely for the fact that this is the last few days that we will spend time with him. I am also sad about it but I wanted his last stay with us to be a very meaningful one. Instead of being the vibrant, active kid that he is, I often see him slumped on a table or a sofa. I felt like making him smile as I thought of something that will make him do so. I asked him on which is harder, diarrhea during pregnancy or diarrhea in toddlers. I was right and he can’t stop laughing. I tried going on with a straight face but I can’t because I was too carried away by his laugh. I hope his smile last a few more days as I am planning to make a going away party for him.

I talked to my mom and Uncle Ben about my plans and they were so delighted about it. I invited the kids next door that Chris often plays with and our family and friends. We also booked a catering company and a magician. My mom told me that my nephew will never forget about this party.

On the day of his party, I asked my mom to get him a haircut and then an ice cream. That will give us about more than an hour to setup our house for a surprise party. The moment my mom and Chris got out of the house, people started flowing in from the neighborhood to help as they also make it memorable for my beloved nephew. We made a backdrop on our backyard and started to line up tables and chairs. The catering service started putting the food over the banquet table as the magician sets up his small stage where he will perform. Balloons filled our backyard with our family and friends. We were nervous as we wait from my mom and Chris. We were hoping that he won’t have a clue on what we did to not ruin our plan. I decided to call my mom to tell her that they can now come home as we are all ready for the surprise. She told me that they were just a block away from the house. I told everyone about it and we patiently waited.

We heard a car parking so it was them. My mom told Chris to get something from the backyard and he was so happy with what he saw. We all yelled surprise and the music started to play. We treated the party as his birthday because we also bought a cake especially made for him. The kids played the games that I planned and then the magician entertained all the guests and even asked some of them to participate for the illusions. There were also a number of gifts that he received but the best one was when he opened up a life sized box which has his Dad, Uncle Ben inside it. He was overjoyed with all the things we did for him as our backyard was filled with fun and laughter. I’m sure he won’t forget a thing about this party and will treasure it until he gets older. I hope they still find time to visit us in time.

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