When to Stop Breastfeeding

Motorcycle riding is not just for single women but also for moms. In fact, I have met some moms before who are into motorcycle riding. But of course, you would not see them tucking their little ones while driving their motorcycles.

One of the issues that moms who are into motorcycle riding face is when they have to temporarily stop riding because of some pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding needs. Among these three, breastfeeding is an area where moms have control of. Moms can stop breastfeeding for one reason or another. But still, they are faced with questions like when to stop breastfeeding and how to stop breastfeeding.

Generally, when a mom is healthy, breastfeeding is the best source of nutrition for her infant. Even breastfeeding for a short time after childbirth can be beneficial to the child. During the first few days after a child is born, a mom’s breasts produces colostrum which is a rich substance containing vital ingredients such as the immunoglobulin that can help boost the immune system of the child. There are evidences showing that babies who were breastfed during the first six months are less prone to common childhood illnesses such as ear infections and respiratory problems.

But many moms are not very comfortable with breastfeeding. Some of them may have illnesses which entail them to take medications which can affect the quality of their milk. Some would like to stop it for personal reasons like work or hobbies. Another reason is that they cannot comply with the special diet they may be required to take as there are foods to avoid while breastfeeding.

When you stop breastfeeding, that process is called weaning. When to do is up to the mother of the child. But the World Health Organization suggests that all babies should be exclusively breastfed within the first six months, followed by introducing solid foods after that while still breastfeeding for two or more years. However, this recommendation is not often followed especially by working moms.

If you have to wean your baby, take your time to do it and don’t do it hastily. If your reason for weaning is returning to work or schooling or pursuing a hobby like motorcycle riding, you don’t really have to wean your child for these reasons. You could still perform these commitments while breastfeeding. It just takes a little planning and assistance from your husband or someone you can trust.

One important consideration when you are deciding to stop breastfeeding is if your baby is ready to be weaned. It is natural for babies to resist your attempts of weaning. Your approach should greatly depend on how old your baby is. You could learn from the stories of other moms out there or you may also seek professional advice about it.

Weaning can be one of the most difficult things that moms will have to do. But you can find help from other moms, professionals and even articles online on how to do it and when to do it.


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