Importance of Motorcycle Safety Training to Avoid Accidents

As a motorcycle rider, I have learned through experience the importance of motorcycle safety training to avoid accidents on the road. It does not matter how long you have been driving your motorcycle or what safety gears you are wearing. As long as you don’t have any background in motorcycle safety, the odds will always be against you.

According to statistics, only about 10 percent of people who took a motorcycle safety training course are involved in a motorcycle crash. Even with this safety record, year after year, many motorcycle riders renew their Motorcycle Learner’s Permit every year without taking a test on motorcycle safety. Doing so makes you a safety hazard on the road.

In many motorcycle accident cases, the driver involved will often claim that it is caused by unexplained reasons when in reality, it could be because of the wrong use of brakes when entering a turn, or the inability of the driver to use a counter steer. Another reason could be that the driver was speeding more than the condition allowed. There are also drivers who frequently get into accidents because of lack of knowledge on proper cornering techniques. Minor accidents on the road are normally the reasons why some drivers get unexplained bruising from time to time. But you will be lucky if you only get into minor accidents with a few scratches and a busted motorcycle. Some drivers end up paralyzed or even dead because of accidents on the road.

To avoid accidents, every state offers a motorcycle safety riding program which normally involves hours of classroom instructions and practical riding exercises under a controlled environment. During classroom instructions, drivers are normally taught about the various types of motorcycles and their basic operations and controls. You will also be introduced to the different types of safety gears that you can use for comfort and protection. You will also learn about some tips on how to be safer on the road and how to become a responsible rider. Most importantly, you will be able to find out how certain types of drugs and alcohol can impair your ability in driving.

Once you are through with the classroom instruction, you will normally proceed to a riding range with a coach that will teach you some practical motorcycle riding techniques. You will normally start off with the most basic straight-line riding, braking, stopping and turning. You will then gradually progress into emergency braking and swerving. Normally, the facility will provide for your helmet and motorcycle during this actual training.

After finishing classroom instruction and practical riding, the safety program normally concludes with a written test and a riding skill evaluation. The entire program can greatly help motorcycle riders avoid potential accidents on the road which are within their control.

Enrolling in a motorcycle safety riding course should be imperative among motorcycle riders or those who are planning to purchase their own motorcycles. Regardless of where you will be riding, the knowledge and practical driving skills that you will learn from the course will be very useful to you.


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