Special Diet Plan for Athletes

Some of my friends take motorcycle riding into a different level by engaging in motocross riding and other motorcycle sports. And every time they are interested to participate in a race or tournament, they normally observe a special diet plan weeks before the event, to be ready physically. And from them, I was able to learn some of the special diet plans that are fit for athletes. If you are engaged in any type of sport or are planning to, you may want to check out this list.

Jenny Craig

This diet program entails having a pre-packed meal composed of vegetables, fruits, low fat dairy products and whole grains. The calorie goal for each packed meal will be based on the person’s age, height and weight. Athletes could use this diet program with added calories, although it is originally intended for quick weight loss. One of the disadvantages of this plan though is that there is a limited range of foods to choose from and the 24/7 support staff for this program is generally not trained as nutritionist.

LA Weight Loss

As a weight management plan which is based on controlling calorie intakes, one of the advantages of this program is that it does not involve counting calorie intake. Instead, your progress will be monitored by weekly weigh-ins. This program also encourages exercise. Another positive aspect of this program is that you will have a wide range of foods to choose from as long as the size of each portion is controlled. However, one of its disadvantages is that all supplements, meal replacements and snacks you will need for this program are only available at LA Weight Loss centers and could be expensive. Counselors under this program are also not nutritionists.

Mediterranean Diet

This diet program involves large intakes of plant-based foods, nuts and small portions of saturated fat and animal proteins. A glass of wine is also recommended for lunch and dinner. Regular exercise is also part of this plan. One of its major advantages over other diet programs is that it can help a person lower his or her risk of diabetes, heart disease or even certain types of cancer.

Weight Watchers

Under Weight Watchers program, there are two plans to choose from. One involves point tracking for every food consumed while the other one is point tracking for calorie intake. If you are under this program, there is normally a local support group for motivation and encouragement. Its website also offers a lot of resources such as recipes, progress charts, exercise information and other materials that will teach you how to make the right food choices and maintain healthy weight. No one will dictate you on what kind of food to take, but instead you will be encouraged to make healthy choices which should include low carb vegetables and low carb fruits, more information can be found here.

Aside from the programs listed here, there are several other programs that are also suitable for athletes. It is important to note that each of these programs has its individual list of advantages and disadvantages which you should consider. It will also help if you would visit the individual websites for these diet programs.


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