5 Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle

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People have their personal choice when it comes to their transportation. Many people prefer riding a car for short or long distance travels. However, there is also an increasing popularity in the use of motorcycles especially among young drivers. While many people do not feel safe riding a motorcycle, it still has become one of the primary means of transportation not only in the US but also in many other countries. There are several reasons why you should ride a motorcycle:

1. Savings on fuel

With the increasing prices of oil and gasoline, motorcycle seems to be the best option for transportation especially if you are on a limited budget. Motorcycle is very economical in that you could save more than half of your regular fuel consumption than when using a car. Some bikes can achieve between 60 and 70 miles per gallon while scooters can push it up to 100 miles. If you frequently go to work or school alone, you could really save on fuel if you ride on just two wheels.

2. Low environmental footprint

Whether you like it or not, commuting leaves an environmental footprint because of the amount of fuel burned in the process. Since most motorcycles consume less fuel than cars, it also means less environmental impact.

3. Easy parking

One of the challenges of riding a car is finding a parking slot. This is especially true when visiting public places like malls, parks, offices and other places. It is very common for car owners to park several blocks from the place they are visiting. But if you are riding a motorcycle, looking for a parking space is easier. Most establishments and public venues have special parking spaces for motorcycle which is hardly full. And if it is, you could easily find a good parking space across the road. Not to mention that in case of paid parking, motorcycle parking is cheaper than that of cars.

4. Ease of commuting

In some countries and states where there is no designated lane for motorcycles, you will notice how these vehicles easily find their way out in the traffic. Chances are if you are riding a motorcycle for short distance travel in a high-traffic area, you will get to work or school sooner than when you are riding a car.

5. Adventure

Riding in a motorcycle can give you a sense of freedom and adventure. You know that feeling when the wind blows your hair as you drive along a clear highway surrounded by beautiful scenery? Moreover, when you plan to explore a new place, riding a motorcycle is a good way to do it. You could access narrow roads that are usually not accessible by car.

While there are many advantages in riding a motorcycle, it also has some drawbacks. A major drawback is safety. However, accidents do happen regardless if you are riding a car or a motorcycle. The best way to avoid a motorcycle accident is to strictly follow traffic rules and wear the necessary safety gears such as your helmet. Also drive slowly as braking distance is greatly reduced with just two wheels, not to mention while maintaining your balance. Even though it feels thrilling to drive fast, always drive carefully for your own safety.



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