At a Swap Meet

I was at a swap meet yesterday with friends and boy was I glad that I took the time to go. I was at first hesitant at going there as it was a particularly hot day and I don’t really like going outside when the thermometer goes that high. But you know how friends are. They’ve got that certain tenacity when it comes to going out somewhere and I was eventually convinced.

Besides, I have long wanted for a nice motorcycle jacket for myself and although there are new ones available at the mall, I’m still on the lookout for that special old one that has a lot of character in it, you know, a couple of scratches and tears here and there for the perfect bad girl look.

There were lots of people around when we arrived at the meet and I was having second thoughts about the whole thing. A beer from a nearby stall loosened me up quite a bit and made me less of the grouch I had been a couple of minutes before, so we started making the rounds.

There were many gorgeous items being sold at the meet that tempted me but I was solidly searching for just the jacket. There were antiques galore and all manner of sofas and chairs imaginable, there were toys and comic books lying around, and I almost bought a watch that had a flaming wheel design but a friend stopped me and told me it was just a knock off.

I almost lost all available patience inside my body when a man offered me, what was according to him, the best pack n play kit for my children to use and enjoy. Sad to say I don’t have any children yet so I gave him the look to end all looks and just walked away from him. Am I that fat already?

Another thing that got our curiosity was a fully automated marionette theater complete with boxing clowns, cuckoos, dancing dolls, sinister characters chasing other marionette characters, and many other puppets that looked like they were moving on their own if not for the strings attached to their limbs.

I thought it was a steal for the price tag it had on it as it was made in England and was really old. Of course I was interested, but thinking about where to put it in my house changed my mind quickly and abruptly.

We continued walking around the place and we enjoyed ourselves even if the place was the size of a regular football field to start with. Some of my friends bought something of their own but I, unfortunately, didn’t find my long lost jacket.

I didn’t come home empty handed that day though as I’ve bought myself a nice pair of exercise mats and the best yoga DVD to go along with it. I’m very happy about the whole thing even if my feet ached like crazy last night. Anyways, nothing a yoga session wouldn’t cure right?

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