Reverse Osmosis Water System

If I was ever given the choice between an unlimited supply of the best bottled mineral water which would be given to me right at my doorsteps, or the best available reverse osmosis system to purify tap water with, but I have to go very far for it. You know what I will do?

Well I will get myself some of the best lightweight luggage available, pack all my things up, ride on my bike, and come get the best reverse osmosis system that I could get my hands on, wherever it is, that’s what.

I love my reverse osmosis system and I would not trade it with any other filtering system around, not even if they pay me to do it. Water safety is a paramount interest of mine and this system gives it to me.

You see reverse osmosis is touted as the best way to desalinate seawater to be fit for human consumption, and if it worked that good on seawater then it must do wonders on regular tap water, which is already treated and only have the nasty fluoride taste and some wayward impurities to contend with.

Besides, it’s really cheaper than buying bottled water in the long run. You just invest a little bit at the start, say, the cost of about a couple of boxes of mineral water, and you’re already set. All that is needed is to change filters and you are guaranteed clean and safe water every time you open the tap. Now how good is that?

The Reverse Osmosis process, in layman’s terms, works by putting pressure to regular tap water and letting it pass through a couple of filters, with each one sieving it share of impurities. Water also passes through a kind of very thin membrane that attracts minute particles of unwanted elements thereby producing crystal clear, thoroughly safe and drinkable water at the other end.

The filtered debris is also expelled through a channel in the machine and not kept in it, like what other filters are won’t to do. So that really makes it a very durable and efficient filter that will do its job for a long time with little or no maintenance necessary.

I think the government is in the works to build several very big plants equipped with the reverse osmosis system for use in the treatment of seawater. All of them would be placed along the California coastline and is touted to be the answer to our country’s persistent woe of dwindling fresh water supply.

Maybe someday, every state in America that has access to the sea will have many of these same plants dotting its shorelines. Maybe water treatment plants will find a way to incorporate the technology to add to their existing treatment options to make our water much safer.

Well those days are not yet here, so I’ll just rest my mind in the fact that I have a miniature version of it here in my own home, doing its job of giving me safe drinking water all day, every day.

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