Hi there! My name is Shawna Richardson. Don’t let my pretty face fool you, I am a member of a motorcycle club in my local neighborhood. Yes, a girl riding motorcycle. Not only do guys ride motorcycle, there are many pretty girls like myself who rides motorcycle for fun. I know most people especially girls would think that riding motorcycles is dangerous, but I am ready to break that stereotypes. My motorcycle club encourages girls to ride motorcycle and know that there is nothing to be afraid of. I teach girls all there is to know about riding motorcycle. Pretty much, the basics of riding to choosing your best motorcycle bike that suits your needs. I started riding motorcycle when I was 18. My high school sweetheart actually got me into riding motorcycle. I was also scared to learn at first but I broke my comfort zone to try something new. I found that not only was I good at riding motorcycles, I love riding them for fun!! It is so relaxing and you feel very carefree while riding them. I taught many girls how to ride their very own motorcycles. Every weekend, a few of us girls would get together and ride up into the mountain and off into the sunset. We always have so much fun and meet so many