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5 Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle

girl on bike

People have their personal choice when it comes to their transportation. Many people prefer riding a car for short or long distance travels. However, there is also an increasing popularity in the use of motorcycles especially among young drivers. While many people do not feel safe riding a motorcycle, it still has become one of the primary means of transportation not only in the US but also in many other countries. There are several reasons why you should ride a motorcycle:

1. Savings on fuel

With the increasing prices of oil and gasoline, motorcycle seems to be the best option for transportation especially if you are on a limited budget. Motorcycle is very economical in that you could save more than half of your regular fuel consumption than when using a car. Some bikes can achieve between 60 and 70 miles per gallon while scooters can push it up to 100 miles. If you frequently go to work or school alone, you could really save on fuel if you ride on just two wheels.



Reverse Osmosis Water System

If I was ever given the choice between an unlimited supply of the best bottled mineral water which would be given to me right at my doorsteps, or the best available reverse osmosis system to purify tap water with, but I have to go very far for it. You know what I will do?

Well I will get myself some of the best lightweight luggage available, pack all my things up, ride on my bike, and come get the best reverse osmosis system that I could get my hands on, wherever it is, that’s what.

I love my reverse osmosis system and I would not trade it with any other filtering system around, not even if they pay me to do it. Water safety is a paramount interest of mine and this system gives it to me.

You see reverse osmosis is touted as the best way to desalinate seawater to be fit for human consumption, and if it worked that good on seawater then it must do wonders on regular tap water, which is already treated and only have the nasty fluoride taste and some wayward impurities to contend with.

Besides, it’s really cheaper than buying bottled water in the long run. You just invest a little bit at the start, say, the cost of about a couple of boxes of mineral water, and you’re already set. All that is needed is to change filters and you are guaranteed clean and safe water every time you open the tap. Now how good is that?

The Reverse Osmosis process, in layman’s terms, works by putting pressure to regular tap water and letting it pass through a couple of filters, with each one sieving it share of impurities. Water also passes through a kind of very thin membrane that attracts minute particles of unwanted elements thereby producing crystal clear, thoroughly safe and drinkable water at the other end.

The filtered debris is also expelled through a channel in the machine and not kept in it, like what other filters are won’t to do. So that really makes it a very durable and efficient filter that will do its job for a long time with little or no maintenance necessary.

I think the government is in the works to build several very big plants equipped with the reverse osmosis system for use in the treatment of seawater. All of them would be placed along the California coastline and is touted to be the answer to our country’s persistent woe of dwindling fresh water supply.

Maybe someday, every state in America that has access to the sea will have many of these same plants dotting its shorelines. Maybe water treatment plants will find a way to incorporate the technology to add to their existing treatment options to make our water much safer.

Well those days are not yet here, so I’ll just rest my mind in the fact that I have a miniature version of it here in my own home, doing its job of giving me safe drinking water all day, every day.

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Bikes and Dogs Don’t Mix

There are many factors and reasons on why I learned how to ride a motorcycle. I learned with the help of my HS boyfriend to overcome my fear, to learn a new skill which helps me cruise around fast and cheaper than taking a car and have something new as a form of recreation. Riding a bike was hard first as I didn’t know to balance myself. In the first place, I didn’t even know how to ride a bike so I didn’t have any idea. It was overwhelming at first but once you get the hang of it, it will be just a piece of cake.

I am always cruising around my neighborhood without distractions for months but last week, I ran into these dogs, one looked like a Teacup Pomeranian and the other which I was certain that it was a boxer pitbull mix. I wasn’t threatened with the cute, cream Pomeranian chasing after me but the other dog surprised and made me panic a little bit. He is solid black, big, muscular and looked really angry and ready to bite my leg off. Good thing that I already have a good balance on riding that enabled me to protect myself while accelerating quickly. It was a rush that day. That happened to me twice already and I’m not planning to get bitten for the third try. I’ll just reroute on the other street to avoid those dogs.

I told some of the members of the club about what happened to me and they weren’t surprised on my experience because they told me that it always happen to them from time to time especially when they least expect it. They added that riders should always be expecting something to happen to prevent and avoid them and never panic as it will not help you and it just will further aggravate the situation. The asked on how I reacted and they applaud on how I handled myself.

When I got home, I told my mom about the dogs on the street. She was surprised that it was the first time that these dogs attacked me because many people have been complaining about them. Those dogs even chase cars and people jogging early in the morning. The problem is no one’s coming out to claim that they are their dogs. I think, they chase people and moving vehicles as a misplaced energy or anger. Rumor has it that the dog owner just got divorced and left town quickly and due to spite, he left his wife’s dogs on the street. That made me wonder how do the dogs eat and where do they sleep. Maybe they need to be in the pound if no one would get them.   Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs too but they’re slowly becoming a menace to our neighborhood. I don’t want to wait until someone gets bitten or be killed by them. I’ve already called and notified the nearest pound in our area to get them safe and us as well.

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At a Swap Meet

I was at a swap meet yesterday with friends and boy was I glad that I took the time to go. I was at first hesitant at going there as it was a particularly hot day and I don’t really like going outside when the thermometer goes that high. But you know how friends are. They’ve got that certain tenacity when it comes to going out somewhere and I was eventually convinced.

Besides, I have long wanted for a nice motorcycle jacket for myself and although there are new ones available at the mall, I’m still on the lookout for that special old one that has a lot of character in it, you know, a couple of scratches and tears here and there for the perfect bad girl look.

There were lots of people around when we arrived at the meet and I was having second thoughts about the whole thing. A beer from a nearby stall loosened me up quite a bit and made me less of the grouch I had been a couple of minutes before, so we started making the rounds.

There were many gorgeous items being sold at the meet that tempted me but I was solidly searching for just the jacket. There were antiques galore and all manner of sofas and chairs imaginable, there were toys and comic books lying around, and I almost bought a watch that had a flaming wheel design but a friend stopped me and told me it was just a knock off.

I almost lost all available patience inside my body when a man offered me, what was according to him, the best pack n play kit for my children to use and enjoy. Sad to say I don’t have any children yet so I gave him the look to end all looks and just walked away from him. Am I that fat already?

Another thing that got our curiosity was a fully automated marionette theater complete with boxing clowns, cuckoos, dancing dolls, sinister characters chasing other marionette characters, and many other puppets that looked like they were moving on their own if not for the strings attached to their limbs.

I thought it was a steal for the price tag it had on it as it was made in England and was really old. Of course I was interested, but thinking about where to put it in my house changed my mind quickly and abruptly.

We continued walking around the place and we enjoyed ourselves even if the place was the size of a regular football field to start with. Some of my friends bought something of their own but I, unfortunately, didn’t find my long lost jacket.

I didn’t come home empty handed that day though as I’ve bought myself a nice pair of exercise mats and the best yoga DVD to go along with it. I’m very happy about the whole thing even if my feet ached like crazy last night. Anyways, nothing a yoga session wouldn’t cure right?

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Sisterly Love

I was hanging with my fellow bike riders outside the mall and saw my friend Michelle. She was told me that she was desperately looking for me in our home. She asked my mom where and I am and now she’s here. Both of our parents are best of friends and we immediately bonded because they always come over our house until now. She is an only child that’s why she is so close to me as she often needs sisterly advice which I gladly give her often. She looks up to me as her big sister as who she can vent on, rant on or ask advices from. She asked me if she can talk to me alone as I can sense that she has a problem.

I obliged and we turned to the corner and asked her what the problem is. Before she said anything, I can tell that she’s currently experiencing pain because of her facial expression. I smiled and asked her if she has an infected tattoo on her back while lifting her shirt to see. I saw no tattoos but I saw a lot of pimples with some wounds and scabbing. I felt relieved that she doesn’t have any tattoos because her parents will kill her as she’s only 13 years old. She relayed that she was having pimple breakouts especially on her back. She told me that she tried pricking some of them and now it really hurts because she has skin tear. I told her that it’s normal to have pimples and she’s lucky because it was just on her back as I used to have breakouts on my face. She tried smiling but she told me that she wants to consult a dermatologist about it but was afraid and too shy to ask her parents to accompany her. I told her she’s lucky that I’m free today and just had my allowance from my mom.

pimples under the skin

The mall we were hanging out also has a skin care clinic inside so I asked her if the one inside the mall is okay with her. We went in for a consult and then the dermatologist asked her why she pricked them as they could be infected if not treated properly. She added that they can’t be pricked easily as they are pimples under the skin and only professionals should do that to avoid further complications. It was a good thing that the consult was free as we didn’t have enough money to pay if we also avail of the medicines. I bought Michelle a cleanser and an anti biotic cream to prevent her wounds to get infected and to accelerate its healing process. The dermatologist also reminded Michelle to never prick them as she’ll just injure herself further.

I told Michelle that next time she has a problem; she shouldn’t act on it alone. I am always here to give her guidance and sisterly advice. She felt so relieved when I said that while she smiled.

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Moving On

I have a nephew named Chris who always visit and stay with my family the whole summer vacation. My mom told me not to go motor biking outside with my friends as I have to tend to him as well as entertain him because my mom is busy with gardening. I kidded my mom on why not let Chris garden with her. She wasn’t amused with what I said and thought of Chris being so muddy and ruining my mom’s roses as I smirked. I was told that he’s arriving tomorrow at 12 noon with his dad so I planned on taking a ride first at around 9am.

It was just 8am and I was taking out my bike to get ready a ride and saw a yellow taxi cab pulling over in front of our house, it was Chris and his dad, Uncle Ben. I greeted both of them and called my mom from outside. Uncle Ben asked who me if it was mine and I said yes. As Uncle Ben and Chris admired my sleek, sexy, black and red Harley outside, my mom asked me on where do I plan to go because they’re already here. I told her that I planned to go on a ride with my friends for an hour because she told me that they’re arriving at 12 noon. I explained it to her that it’s not my fault as they were early. She reluctantly let me go and told me to take care of myself.

I got back at around 10am and then I saw little Chris busy with his colouring books. I quietly sneak behind him and read the book titles My Little Pony coloring pages and Skylanders coloring pages out loud. He was surprised that I was already home. He told me that his dad already left. He invited me to join and color with him and I told him I’ll be back after a minute as I need to change clothes first. I went to the garden to let my mom know that I was home and then returned to the living room with my nephew to do stuff with him. I told him that he grew since he was last here and he told me that I didn’t. I find that so funny but he was so clueless when I was laughing. I also got him cookies and milk as his snack.

Meanwhile, I just found out what Uncle Ben told my mom before he left. He told her that it’s Chris’ last summer vacation as he just got a new job in India where he’s going to be the manager of the outsourcing operations in the country. He added that he got tripled pay and better hours as he can’t refuse the deal. The thing was his family have to move which is a sad thing.

Chris is such an adorable kid. I always look forward on the start of summer as I know that he’ll be visiting us. It is just sad to know that this is his last time to visit us since they’re moving to India. I’ll really miss the kid.

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The Surprise

My nephew Chris’ vacation is almost over as summer is relatively gone. He is very lonely for the fact that this is the last few days that we will spend time with him. I am also sad about it but I wanted his last stay with us to be a very meaningful one. Instead of being the vibrant, active kid that he is, I often see him slumped on a table or a sofa. I felt like making him smile as I thought of something that will make him do so. I asked him on which is harder, diarrhea during pregnancy or diarrhea in toddlers. I was right and he can’t stop laughing. I tried going on with a straight face but I can’t because I was too carried away by his laugh. I hope his smile last a few more days as I am planning to make a going away party for him.

I talked to my mom and Uncle Ben about my plans and they were so delighted about it. I invited the kids next door that Chris often plays with and our family and friends. We also booked a catering company and a magician. My mom told me that my nephew will never forget about this party.

On the day of his party, I asked my mom to get him a haircut and then an ice cream. That will give us about more than an hour to setup our house for a surprise party. The moment my mom and Chris got out of the house, people started flowing in from the neighborhood to help as they also make it memorable for my beloved nephew. We made a backdrop on our backyard and started to line up tables and chairs. The catering service started putting the food over the banquet table as the magician sets up his small stage where he will perform. Balloons filled our backyard with our family and friends. We were nervous as we wait from my mom and Chris. We were hoping that he won’t have a clue on what we did to not ruin our plan. I decided to call my mom to tell her that they can now come home as we are all ready for the surprise. She told me that they were just a block away from the house. I told everyone about it and we patiently waited.

We heard a car parking so it was them. My mom told Chris to get something from the backyard and he was so happy with what he saw. We all yelled surprise and the music started to play. We treated the party as his birthday because we also bought a cake especially made for him. The kids played the games that I planned and then the magician entertained all the guests and even asked some of them to participate for the illusions. There were also a number of gifts that he received but the best one was when he opened up a life sized box which has his Dad, Uncle Ben inside it. He was overjoyed with all the things we did for him as our backyard was filled with fun and laughter. I’m sure he won’t forget a thing about this party and will treasure it until he gets older. I hope they still find time to visit us in time.

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To buy or Not to Buy

I’ve always loved dogs but time doesn’t permit me as I’m always riding my bike on my free time. Riding really gives a natural high that I can’t explain. I don’t want to get a dog then I’ll neglect it and then my mom will get mad at me because she’s the one who is going to take care of it.

One Sunday morning, a neighbor of ours dropped by. Her name is Chloe, she has big green eyes, has curly brunette hair and a charming smile to boot. She is also tall and gorgeous as many men stares her way when she’s walking. She has a purse and inside it was a dog, it looks like a yorkie poodle, a very small dog. She was looking for my mom and I told her that she’s at the back tending to her plants. I left with my friends for a while and got back after an hour or two.

When I got back home, my mom, surprisingly was so excited that I got from biking and told me that Chloe, our neighbor was selling her poodle mixes. She also added that she can get her dog after a month since it was still breastfeeding from the mom although she can now choose on what dog she wants and she needed me to come along with her to determine on what we are getting. I was amazed but at the same time excited that my mom is open to the idea of getting a dog. I asked her who is going to take care of it and she proudly told me that she will.

If I was to decide, I want a breed that can guard our house like a Dobermann Pinscher, German Shepherd, Bull Mastiff or a Giant Schnauzer. It’s like shooting two birds with one stone on choosing them because they make great pets and they can protect your family as they are very strong, intimidating and intelligent creatures. I have a friend who owns as German shepherd and a Belgian Malinois and he told me that they were so easy to train even without attending training schools because such breeds are highly intelligent. He also told me that they have very calm demeanour but they have very quick reflexes which are needed when your family is threatened by someone.

I told my mom that taking care of dogs aren’t easy as they need frequent checkups and grooming especially the breed that she was going to buy. I also wanted her to make sure that she’s going to buy that kind of breed as it needs more grooming and attention than other dog breeds. I also reminded her that it is going to be costly as she needs to feed the dog proper food and buy vitamins that it will daily consume. Another thing to think about is about the dog’s potty training and who’s going to train the dog. I know my mom’s still active and strong but I don’t want her to waste her energy training the dog. I hope my mom wouldn’t just buy a dog because it’s cute. I still believe that guard dogs are better than toy dogs.

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Introduction to 5 Common Dental Problems

They say that a smile is a universal language. Every person from all parts of the world can understand it. A simple smile can easily gain you friendship and I have proven this many times. However, some are not as confident to smile because they have crooked teeth, missing teeth or other teeth problems.

Dental health is as important as physical health. Each of us should strive to observe proper oral hygiene and visit the dentist at least once every year. Also, it would be good to have basic knowledge about the five common dental problems and their remedies.

1. Bad Breath

Although you may not have trouble finding tooth pain relief for this problem, bad breath can be embarrassing. Also called halitosis, bad breath is one of the most common dental problems affecting many children and adults alike. It can be caused by cavities, gum disease, dry mouth, bacteria and oral cancer. One of the remedies that you can do to prevent bad breath is to brush your teeth including your tongue properly. You could also use a mouthwash to mask the odor. However, if there is no improvement in your condition despite doing these, you should visit your dentist to know its real cause and ultimate cure.

2. Tooth Decay

When plaque combines with starches and sugar in the food we eat, it can develop into tooth decay. Tooth decay attacks the tooth enamel which can ultimately destroy your teeth. To prevent it, you should brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily especially after eating foods that are high in sugar. You should also visit your dentist for regular cleaning to remove tooth decay.

3. Gum Disease

Gum disease is one of the leading causes of gum pain and tooth loss. Gingivitis and periodontitis are the two major stages of gum disease. Brushing daily at least twice a day, flossing, and regular dental checkups play an important role to prevent this problem.

4. Sensitive Teeth

If you experience discomfort or pain when eating ice cream or drinking hot or cold drinks, you may be suffering from sensitive teeth which also affect millions of people worldwide. Sensitive teeth problem is treatable. Your dentist may recommend using desensitizing toothpaste or another alternative treatment, depending on the underlying cause of sensitivity. Proper oral hygiene must also be observed to avoid tooth pain.

5. Dry mouth

It is natural for our mouth to become dry sometimes. But if you think that your mouth is always dry, you may already be suffering from dry mouth problem which may be caused by certain health conditions or medication. Dry mouth in itself is not a serious problem. However, persistent dry mouth may cause other oral health problems because saliva is important for cleansing the mouth. For this problem, there is no other remedy but to see you dentist to identify the underlying cause.

Most of the dental problems can be prevented with oral hygiene and regular checkup with your dentist. But even if you are already suffering from any of the problems listed, there is still hope in getting treated as long as you seek immediate help from your dentist.

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Facts About Miscarriage in Pregnancy

One of the major differences between men and women who are also motorcycle riders is that the men don’t have to deal with pregnancy, which hinders some women to ride as a safety precaution to avoid pregnancy problems, most especially miscarriage. Miscarriage can cause an emotional shock for expecting parents. That is why I understand why some women prefer not to ride motorcycles during their pregnancy.

Miscarriage is not uncommon especially in the early stage of pregnancy. However, many women have not fully understood what it is, what its causes are and who are at risk.


Miscarriage refers to the termination of pregnancy within the first 20 weeks. If the miscarriage happens during the first weeks until 14th week of pregnancy, it is commonly called early miscarriage. If the miscarriage happens after this period, it is referred to as late miscarriage.

Early miscarriages are more common than late miscarriages. In fact, it is said that one in five pregnant women may have an early miscarriage while one in 100 may have a late miscarriage. There are also women who miscarry before realizing that they are pregnant. In fact, according to the March of Dimes Foundation, around 50 percent of pregnancies are miscarried even before the woman knows she is pregnant. In many of these cases, they have to ask their health care provider “how many weeks am I” just to know the age of the terminated pregnancy. But miscarriage could also happen among women who carefully monitor their signs of implantation and know that they are pregnant from the earliest time that pregnancy is detectable.

Causes of Miscarriage

It is not very clear as to what really causes miscarriage. However, several factors may cause the pregnancy to be at risk of termination:

  • Infection
  • Hormonal problems
  • Problems and abnormalities in the uterine
  • Exposure to toxic agents or radiation
  • Drinking alcohol, smoking and use of illegal drugs
  • Immune system disorder such as lupus
  • Severe kidney problem
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Congenital heart disease
  • Severe malnutrition
  • Thyroid disease
  • Certain medications
  • Age (women who are 40 years or older during pregnancy are more at risk of miscarriage)

Symptoms of Miscarriage

One of the most obvious and common symptoms of early miscarriage is heavy bleeding accompanied by period like pains. For late miscarriage, heavy bleeding can sometimes be accompanied by waters breaking and labor-like pains. However, in some cases, there may be no pain involved especially if the cervix is weak. Other symptoms of miscarriage include abdominal pain, fever, back pain and weakness.

If you experience any symptoms of miscarriage, you may have to be rushed to the emergency room immediately.

Treatment for Women at Risk

If it is determined that you are at risk of miscarriage during your regular visit to your obstetrician, you may be recommended to take a bed rest and restrict your normal activities. You may also have to abstain from sexual activities until your symptoms are gone. But these remedies are not an assurance to stop an impending miscarriage. More often, there is little that can be done to stop it.

Miscarriage is something that can affect every pregnant woman especially on those who have a high risk pregnancy. Be sure to visit your obstetric health care provider regularly and follow the advice given to reduce your risk of miscarriage.

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Why Hip Flexors are Important

When we do exercises and workout, more emphasis is normally placed on general fitness and strength. I personally do regular exercises and my routines are designed to keep me in good shape and to maintain my overall weight. For many of us, we put little attention to exercises for “basic needs” muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons.

For many motorcycle riders I know of, one of the most common health issues they experience is painful hips especially during long drives. My curiosity led me to an article about hip flexor muscles. Better known as iliopsoas, these are a group of muscles that pulls the knee upward during various activities. The three muscles that compose the hip flexors are the Psoas minor, Psoas major and the Iliacus muscles. Any injury or inflammation to these muscles could lead to hip flexor pain. Additionally, if you are not too careful during intense activities, you could end up having a torn labrum hip which is a more serious condition.

Hip flexors are really significant because they play a vital role in hip mobility; yet not much attention is given to them. We use these muscles in many simple everyday activities such as walking, running, climbing to your motorcycle, or climbing the stairs and exercising. Because of their involvement in day-to-day activities, it is important to have healthy hip flexors.

If people do not care enough about their hip flexors, they could have hip flexors that are tight, inflexible, weak and not durable. This is especially true for people who often sit for many hours in their office or who do long drives. It is no wonder why many motorcycle riders experience hip flexor problems. Eventually, unhealthy and unfit hip flexors could lead to limited mobility. It can also result to other health problems such as having glutes that are not functioning well, hamstring tightness, lower back problems, knee problems, pelvic tilting, and others.

For most people who have hip flexor problems, the most common reason is the tight and inflexible hip flexors as opposed to weak and not durable hip flexors. If you like to assess the flexibility of your hip flexor, you could do a simply personal test. Lie down on your back while letting your feet dangle at the edge of the bed. Start pulling your knee into the chest, and then slowly bring down your left leg until the thigh is resting on the bed while your foot and calf are still hanging off the edge. Repeat this with your right leg. If you could perform this test without feeling that your hip is forcefully stretched, then you have a flexible psoas. However, if you feel a stretching sensation in the front area of your upper thigh or the abdomen, one or both sides of your psoas may not be as flexible as it should be.

When you have psoas or hip flexor muscles that are not flexible, you will need stretching exercises. I was very determined to start hip flexor stretching exercises and have found out a number of exercises for this purpose. You can easily search them out online and start including these exercises in your daily routine.


Basic Facts About Pulmonary Edema

Have you ever experienced suffering from shortness of breath especially after a tiring motorcycle ride? If you are not experiencing it too often, you could disregard it for something caused by tiredness. However, if you frequently experience this kind of problem even on a normal day, you may already be suffering from a more serious condition called pulmonary edema which is characterized by fluid in lungs. I have been hearing a number of motorcycle riders complaining about shortness of breath and thought that this article may help them identify if the underlying cause of their problem is pulmonary edema.

The word edema means swelling. Swelling normally occurs when some of the fluid seeps out of the blood vessels and go into the surrounding tissues. If this happens in the lungs, it is called pulmonary edema. Pulmonary edema occurs when the alveoli is filled up with fluid which then seeps out to the lungs, causing breathing difficulty.

There are several factors that may cause pulmonary edema which can be categorized into heart-related or cardiogenic pulmonary edema and non-cardiogenic pulmonary edema. Cardiogenic causes of pulmonary edema normally occur when, due to the abnormal functioning of the heart, the fluid from the blood vessel seeps out because of high pressure. As for non-cardiogenic causes, they include acute respiratory distress syndrome, kidney failure, brain trauma and overdose of certain illegal drugs and medication such as aspirin. Rapid ascent in high altitude of 10,000 feet or more may also cause this problem. This is especially true among mountain climbers.

Aside from shortness of breath, there are other noticeable symptoms of pulmonary edema. It is important that you should note it down so that you can differentiate whether your shortness of breath is just normal or is caused by this condition. Among the other symptoms are fatigue, rapid breathing, weakness, dizziness, and when shortness of breath is more rapid than normal.

If you are experiencing any or a combination of these symptoms, it is best to visit your doctor at the soonest time possible for proper diagnosis. To confirm pulmonary edema, your doctor may listen to the abnormal sounds in your lungs through a stethoscope. There are normally crackles or short bubbling sounds in the lungs when a person has pulmonary edema. In most cases of pulmonary edema, hospitalization is required to treat the underlying cause. Sometimes, a routine follow-up checkup may also be recommended especially in acute cases. Treatment normally varies depending on the underlying cause, but more commonly, it involves giving the patient medications such as natural antihistamines if the underlying cause is infection, as well as supplemental oxygen.

One important point to remember about pulmonary edema is that if the symptoms develop suddenly, your condition needs immediate medical attention. This can be a case of acute pulmonary edema which can be fatal if not treated as soon as possible. That is why if you feel any shortness of breath associated with fatigue or weakness, do not disregard this condition. Early diagnosis and treatment is the key to overcome this problem.


Liver Pain and How it Can Help Detect Liver Problems

Liver problem is perhaps the least of the problems that most women including myself worry about. Perhaps, even more women worry about fleas on humans than a liver condition. In fact, I rarely hear other women in my club sharing about their liver problem. Perhaps, it is not just a very common condition that deserves to be discussed.

But liver problem is a life-threatening condition that demands medical care. Anybody can develop this problem especially people who frequently party and drink alcohol. As much as I know many people who have this kind of lifestyle including other members in my club, I feel the need to share some basic information about liver problems.

The liver is an organ that plays many vital roles and critical functions for a person’s survival. Among its important functions include the production of amino acids, protein and lipid metabolism, detoxification of the body from toxic substances, hormone production, and production of fetal red blood cells. Being an important organ, it also deserves more attention especially in the prevention of liver diseases.

The liver is located in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen, under the right diaphragm. It is important to know where it is located so that you will be able to differentiate liver pain from pain in the other organs of the body, more can be found at www.betterhealthtips.org. A pain in the liver is more often indicative of a problem in the liver which can be caused by various factors. The most common causes of liver problem are Hepatitis B and C, long-term and frequent alcohol consumption, cirrhosis, malnutrition, and hemochromatosis which is a genetic disorder affecting the body’s ability to absorb and store iron.

A painful liver can occur when the liver is enlarged or swollen and when it is inflamed or injured. If you are experiencing severe pain, most likely, it is only an acute or short-term liver disease, as chronic or long-term liver damage does not normally manifest pain until nearly two-thirds of the liver is already damaged. In that case, it might already be too late to treat the problem.

In the absence of pain, there are other symptoms that can help you detect a chronic liver problem. This includes nausea and vomiting, which are often ignored by people until their disease progresses. You may also feel that your liver is enlarging or swelling as you feel it in the abdomen. Jaundice may also occur, which is the discoloration of the skin, nails, eyes and mucosal surfaces. Aside from these symptoms, it is also common to experience weakness, loss of appetite and weight loss. Depending on the liver disease you have, you may experience all, if not some, of these symptoms. And if you feel the initial symptoms, it would be good to already plan your visit to the doctor.

It is important that each of us, young and old, male or female, should be proactive in caring for our liver. For me, one of the ways I can do it is to be more conscious about how much alcoholic beverages I consume every time I attend parties. You too can do something. And if you have to do it, start doing it now.


10 Important Considerations When Picking a Hedgehog for a Pet

Some people think that motorcycling is not for girls like me. But I am happy to say that I survived and am happy in this kind of sport. It is not only in sports or activities that people like me have a unique taste for something. I also know of people who have a different choice in terms of selecting pets. When we think of house pets, we always imagine about a dog or a cat. But there are people who have a taste for exotic animals like hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs are gaining in popularity as exotic pets. If you set your heart on having hedgehogs as pets, there are important considerations you should know about in choosing the right hedgehog.

1. Weight

Acquire a hedgehog that is not underweight or overweight because either condition may increase the risk of the animal to become ill. You can identify whether a hedgehog is underweight or overweight by holding it. When you look at an underweight hedgehog from front to back, it will appear in A-shaped, with the high point along the backbone and then drastically sloping off in each side. An overweight hedgehog, on the other hand, will appear bulgy or rounded in this angle. A healthy hedgehog should have a teardrop shape when you are looking at the same angle.

2. Eyes

Healthy eyes should be slightly protruding, round and bright. Sunken, dull, half-open and extremely bulgy eyes, on the other hand, are a sign of discharge which may signify an illness.

3. Nose

The nose of a healthy hedgehog is just slightly moist and not wet, bubbly or crusty.

4. Ears

Smooth and round ears are a sign of a healthy hedgehog as opposed to ears that have rough edges or missing pieces.

5. Coat and skin

Look for a hedgehog with smooth and pliable skin instead of dry and crusty skin which could be a sign of mite infestation. The coat should also have no bald spots. However, if you are buying hedgehogs aged eight to 12 weeks, it may still be quilling, so it is possible to see some points where the quills are still breaking through the skin.


6. Genitals

Don’t miss out also on checking the genitals of the hedgehog you are considering to get. It should be dry, clean and with no swelling, redness or discharge which are a sign of poor health condition.

7. Droppings

If possible check also the droppings if they are brown in color and firm with no signs of pus, blood or discoloration.

8. Family line

If you know the breeder of your hedgehog, it is also possible to get some background info about its family line, such as if both parents are still alive and in what condition. That way, you will know if the hedgehog you are considering may have inherited some illnesses from its parents.

9. Age

Ideally, you should purchase a hedgehog that is between eight to 12 weeks old. Twelve weeks marks the baby stage of a hedgehog. However, if you prefer a full-size adult, you could also buy a six-month old hedgehog. It is not recommended to buy a hedgehog that is more than two years old because there may be not enough time left to spend with your pet before it passes away.

10. Temperament

It is normal for baby hedgehogs to ball briefly and keep its quills for several seconds after picking. However, a test of good temperament is when the hedgehog slowly un-balls and relax quickly on your hand.

Moreover, before even purchasing or acquiring a hedgehog, be sure that doing so is legal in your state as there are some states that have special restrictions when it comes to owning exotic pets. And if it is legal, it is also understood that before you visit a breeder, you already have hedgehog cages where you could put the new additions to your family.


When to Stop Breastfeeding

Motorcycle riding is not just for single women but also for moms. In fact, I have met some moms before who are into motorcycle riding. But of course, you would not see them tucking their little ones while driving their motorcycles.

One of the issues that moms who are into motorcycle riding face is when they have to temporarily stop riding because of some pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding needs. Among these three, breastfeeding is an area where moms have control of. Moms can stop breastfeeding for one reason or another. But still, they are faced with questions like when to stop breastfeeding and how to stop breastfeeding.

Generally, when a mom is healthy, breastfeeding is the best source of nutrition for her infant. Even breastfeeding for a short time after childbirth can be beneficial to the child. During the first few days after a child is born, a mom’s breasts produces colostrum which is a rich substance containing vital ingredients such as the immunoglobulin that can help boost the immune system of the child. There are evidences showing that babies who were breastfed during the first six months are less prone to common childhood illnesses such as ear infections and respiratory problems.

But many moms are not very comfortable with breastfeeding. Some of them may have illnesses which entail them to take medications which can affect the quality of their milk. Some would like to stop it for personal reasons like work or hobbies. Another reason is that they cannot comply with the special diet they may be required to take as there are foods to avoid while breastfeeding.

When you stop breastfeeding, that process is called weaning. When to do is up to the mother of the child. But the World Health Organization suggests that all babies should be exclusively breastfed within the first six months, followed by introducing solid foods after that while still breastfeeding for two or more years. However, this recommendation is not often followed especially by working moms.

If you have to wean your baby, take your time to do it and don’t do it hastily. If your reason for weaning is returning to work or schooling or pursuing a hobby like motorcycle riding, you don’t really have to wean your child for these reasons. You could still perform these commitments while breastfeeding. It just takes a little planning and assistance from your husband or someone you can trust.

One important consideration when you are deciding to stop breastfeeding is if your baby is ready to be weaned. It is natural for babies to resist your attempts of weaning. Your approach should greatly depend on how old your baby is. You could learn from the stories of other moms out there or you may also seek professional advice about it.

Weaning can be one of the most difficult things that moms will have to do. But you can find help from other moms, professionals and even articles online on how to do it and when to do it.


Importance of Motorcycle Safety Training to Avoid Accidents

As a motorcycle rider, I have learned through experience the importance of motorcycle safety training to avoid accidents on the road. It does not matter how long you have been driving your motorcycle or what safety gears you are wearing. As long as you don’t have any background in motorcycle safety, the odds will always be against you.

According to statistics, only about 10 percent of people who took a motorcycle safety training course are involved in a motorcycle crash. Even with this safety record, year after year, many motorcycle riders renew their Motorcycle Learner’s Permit every year without taking a test on motorcycle safety. Doing so makes you a safety hazard on the road.

In many motorcycle accident cases, the driver involved will often claim that it is caused by unexplained reasons when in reality, it could be because of the wrong use of brakes when entering a turn, or the inability of the driver to use a counter steer. Another reason could be that the driver was speeding more than the condition allowed. There are also drivers who frequently get into accidents because of lack of knowledge on proper cornering techniques. Minor accidents on the road are normally the reasons why some drivers get unexplained bruising from time to time. But you will be lucky if you only get into minor accidents with a few scratches and a busted motorcycle. Some drivers end up paralyzed or even dead because of accidents on the road.

To avoid accidents, every state offers a motorcycle safety riding program which normally involves hours of classroom instructions and practical riding exercises under a controlled environment. During classroom instructions, drivers are normally taught about the various types of motorcycles and their basic operations and controls. You will also be introduced to the different types of safety gears that you can use for comfort and protection. You will also learn about some tips on how to be safer on the road and how to become a responsible rider. Most importantly, you will be able to find out how certain types of drugs and alcohol can impair your ability in driving.

Once you are through with the classroom instruction, you will normally proceed to a riding range with a coach that will teach you some practical motorcycle riding techniques. You will normally start off with the most basic straight-line riding, braking, stopping and turning. You will then gradually progress into emergency braking and swerving. Normally, the facility will provide for your helmet and motorcycle during this actual training.

After finishing classroom instruction and practical riding, the safety program normally concludes with a written test and a riding skill evaluation. The entire program can greatly help motorcycle riders avoid potential accidents on the road which are within their control.

Enrolling in a motorcycle safety riding course should be imperative among motorcycle riders or those who are planning to purchase their own motorcycles. Regardless of where you will be riding, the knowledge and practical driving skills that you will learn from the course will be very useful to you.


Dos and Don’ts in Pregnancy You Should Know About


Being a woman, regardless of the sport or work you may be engaged in, pregnancy will always be associated with us. And most of us even feel excited about pregnancy announcement ideas even if it does not concern us. And if you have plans of having a family in the future or would like to raise a child of your own, there are some pregnancy basics that you should know about. Just like motorcycle riding basics, pregnancy basics include a list of things you should and should not do while pregnant. And I thought of sharing some of this important information to other women.


  • Have a monthly regular checkup with your doctor to monitor your progress and the development of your unborn baby. This is also one way to detect and prevent any complications associated with your condition.
  • Take a recommended daily allowance for folic acid and other vitamins to avoid the risk of your child developing spinal bifida or other conditions associated with vitamin deficiency.
  • Eat healthy and get plenty of exercise. Your diet should include a combination of fruits, vegetables, protein and fiber. Also get plenty of daily exercise by walking or doing light exercises.


  • Consume alcohol. As much as possible, avoid alcohol consumption because at certain levels, it may cause birth defects like slow learning abilities and even mental retardation. There is no clear information as to how much is too much. So to be on the safe side, avoid any alcoholic drinks while pregnant.
  • Smoking. Smoking can pose health risks to a person even while not pregnant. And when a pregnant woman smokes, it may result to period while pregnant which is actually a sign of miscarriage or premature delivery of the baby.
  • Taking illegal drugs. The same with smoking, illegal drugs is something you should not use even when you are not pregnant because of the associated health risks. Among pregnant women, illegal drug abuse may result in low birth rate and other complications.
  • Exposure to heat. Hot baths, sauna and heated pools are not good for pregnant women. Too much heat may result in the overheating of the uterus which may ultimately lead to the death of the unborn baby.
  • Extreme exercise. Light exercises are recommended for a healthy pregnancy, but not extreme exercises which will put your heart rate at more than 160 bpm as it may cause hypolexia in the unborn baby. Hypolexia is a condition where oxygen in the body cannot freely flow to the brain, which results to brain damage.
  • Massage by untrained persons. This is especially true for those who are used to getting a personal massage at home by their spouses. Doing so may trigger certain pressure points in the uterus which can result to preterm labor.
  • Standing for long hours. Standing for long hours may not be fatal for you and your baby, but it may result in the development of unsightly varicose veins in the legs and feet.
  • X-rays. As much as possible, avoid x-rays while pregnant unless your abdomen is covered with a lead apron. X-rays emit radiation which may cause birth defects on babies.

This is list is not all-encompassing. If you would consult your doctor, you may learn of other dos and don’ts that you should observe when pregnant.